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Lectures, Seminars & Courses

The following are a sample of some of the short lecture or seminar series that are available through Educational Resources. Bear in mind that they can all be modified to suit the specific needs of your particular educational program.

To have Dr. Derfler give a presentation at your next event, call (651) 592-3688 or email us at  info@eduresources.org

Archeology & History

Great Cities of the Mediterranean
Introduction to Art and Art History
The World of Jesus' Day: King Herod's Judea of the First Centuries
Introduction to Western Civilization
Ancient Egypt: Glory of the Pharaohs
Archaeology and Ancient Mediterranean Religions
Archaeology and Ancient Israel: Re-Discovering Our Biblical Roots
Archaeological Methods and Techniques

World Heritage Sites in-  Israel/ Egypt/ Jordan/ Greece/ Italy/ Turkey/ Morocco/Libya

Napoleon in Egypt and the Holy Land

The Crusaders in the Holy Land

World Heritage Sites in: Morocco, Libya, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Greece, Turkey, Italy

Religious Study & Culture

The Dead Sea Scrolls
From Spice Routes to the Space Age: Patterns of living in the ancient and modern Middle East
Judaism: From Crisis to Crisis
Ancient Mysteries of the Bible
Arab-Israel Conflict
Rediscovering Our Religious Roots: Judaism, Christianity and Islam
Exotic Jewish Communities Around the World

World Religions

Arab-Israeli Conflict

Arab Spring

The Architecture of Faith- Temple, Synagogue, Church, Mosque

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