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Archaeology and Ancient Israel
Re-Discovering Our Biblical Roots

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Besides the spiritual message found in the biblical text, the narrative that delves into the history, geography, society and politics of this ancient land sometimes is vague and incomplete. The archaeological research of the past 150 years puts “flesh onto the bones” of the biblical narrative- giving us a better glimpse of the past.

Some of the topics that can be addressed include:

THE BIBLICAL ARCHAEOLOGIST AND HOW HE/SHE WORKS. We have come a long way from the pilgrim with a Bible in one hand and spade in the other. Understand the science of archaeology in Israel today.

THE WORLD OF THE PATRIARCHS AND MATRIARCHS: Discover the origins of Israelite faith as it makes it journey from the Tigris and Euphrates River Valley into the biblical land of ancient Israel.

THE SOJOURN IN EGYPT AND THE EXODUS NARRATIVE: Beginning with Joseph, Israel in Egypt is a compelling story of a journey from bondage to redemption- a story that has a timeless meaning for all people. What archaeological evidence supports the narrative?

THE ARCHAEOLOGY OF ANCIENT ISRAELITE FAITH: FROM TABERNACLE TO TEMPLE. Archaeological evidence, when coupled with Biblical reference, allows us today to more learly see the architecture of Israelite faith.

CONQUEST AND CONSOLIDATION. Recent evidence points to three waves of Conquest of ancient Canaan, beginning with Moses' first departure from Egypt, Joshua's stunning march through the central highlands, and the culminating triumphs of Devorah and the Judges in the next generation.

THE MONARCHY OF ISRAEL. How did the Kingdom established by Saul become one of the ancient powerhouses of the Middle East under Solomon, and why did it split into 2 following his reign.

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