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The World of Jesus' Day
King Herod's Judea of the First Centuries BCE/CE

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Traditional Judaism was faced with radical changes brought about by the Greco-Roman World that entered Palestine at the end of the Fourth Century BCE. These changes were met with varying responses as the Judean community sought to re-discover itself in this "world turned upside down".

------With internal disharmony afflicting Judea of the Second Century BCE, Rome saw a way to get her foot in the door of what would prove to be a rich yet troublesome province. King Herod, established on the throne by Rome in 40 BCE, attempted to reconcile the Empire with the unique nature of the Judean People. See Herod's Kingdom in its full splendor and glory.

------ Herod's Jewish Capital of Jerusalem was the crowning achievement of this enigmatic king. From palaces, to the great Temple, he attempted to blend the best of both the Jewish and Roman Worlds together.

------ The Apocalyptic Age had dawned and the Roman Empire carried out one too many 'reforms' against Judea. A revolt ensued in 66 CE, with Rome deciding to make an example of Judea that all other provinces could look to as the reaction that the Empire would take against unruly provinces. They finally crushed this revolt with the destruction of Masada in 73 CE.

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