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Introduction to Western Civilization

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This is a study of the origins of Western Civilization from the beginnings of humankind through the seventh century. It entails the nature of the development of humankind from its first steps on earth, as it creates the earliest cultures and societies that form the backbone of modern human life. From there, the rise of the great High Civilizations of the ancient world will be explored-Egypt, Mesopotamia, Syria/Palestine, Greece and Rome. With the increased cultural diversity facing the family of humankind, the rise of Judaism and Christianity create the next stages in development. From there, "civilization" spreads into the European continent, with the Byzantine Empire.

To many, Ancient Egyptian civilization marks the dawning of culture for us, with its highly sophisticated social, economic and spiritual systems developed over the millennia. Explore the world of the Pyramid Builders and the time when Egyptian ruled the East.

The geographical region known as Syria/Palestine gave birth to the three great western faiths of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Rediscover the world of our biblical past.

Greece, the "birthplace" of democracy, became the cultural and economic center of the Eastern Mediterranean World beginning in the 6th Century BC. Its contributions to the western world are substantial and enduring.

Oftentime the impression one gets is that the Romans merely copied the Greeks in every way. Yet, in reality, they took Greek ideas and ideals and upgraded them with newer, more user friendly versions. But at the same time, political paranoia and societal intrigue would bring about their downfall.

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