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The Dead Sea Scrolls

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One of the most intriguing aspects of biblical study is the integration of history, geography, archaeology and religious study. Yet even more enigmatic is the period of time which sees the evolution of religious philosophy into what we now consider to be Judaism and Christianity. We have heard a great deal in recent years about the Dead Sea Scrolls. What were they? How do they affect us as members of the great western religious traditions? What were the historical, social and spiritual parameters that shaped and molded these ancient traditions into two of the three great western faiths?

--- ARCHAEOLOGY AND THE SCROLLS. Share the excitement of the original discovery of the scrolls, and the cloak and dagger exploits of archaeologists to recover them as part of modern Israel's ancient heritage. Then explore via the media the remains of the scrolls' ancient community.

--- THE COMMUNITY, MANUAL OF DISCIPLINE, DAMASCUS RULE- Who were these mysterious ascetics? How did they live, and die? What means of prayer were at their disposal as they chose to isolate themselves from the ancient society that they shunned?

--- THE OLD TESTAMENT AND THE SCROLLS- Are these scrolls really a portion of the Hebrew Bible, or simply a step in the evolutionary ladder of biblical text?

--- NEW TESTAMENT AND THE SCROLLS- Were the members of this community followers of John the Baptist ? Did they share in the ministry of Jesus? Or were they simply another Jewish sect similar to those followers of a charismatic Galilean rabbi?

--- WAR SCROLL, COPPER SCROLL, TEMPLE SCROLL- Examine three unique and mysterious scrolls that describe the final battle between good and evil, hide an enormous treasury of wealth and riches, and give blueprints for the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem.

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