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Judaism: From Crisis to Crisis

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As one of the foundations of Western Civilization, the Jewish Experience is one of uniqueness; blending together spiritual, social, cultural and philosophical components of many varied traditions to create a way of life that, in many respects, is a microcosm of our world today. Yet this uniqueness has led to "an otherness" as far as acceptance in majority societies.

There has been an undefinable, yet consistent pattern of action/response with regard to the Jewish People during their 4000 plus years of history. What major events, or crises, arose in this history and what was the Jewish response that allowed this people to gain strength through adversity. Jewish identity has been shaped by adversity- from the origins of monotheistic thought in the Abraham/Isaac narrative, to Roman Conquest, to Spanish Inquisition to the Final Solution and creation of Israel.

In understanding the Jewish Experience, one can gain insight into the role that all minorities play in majority societies; acceptance and rebuff, contribution and condemnation. It is truly an international experience with universal application that helps remove the biases that homogeneity may incur.

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