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Ancient Mysteries of the Bible

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Who were the Philistines? and were there "too many of them" running around the Biblical Near East during the era of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs? How could Moses have had two fathers-in-law if he was only married once, never divorced and never widowed ? Did the walls of famed Jericho really come crashing down with the onslaught of Joshua's priestly trumpeteers ? Did the zealots at Masada in the end "triumph" over Rome's military might; was it fate or folly?

These are some of the "mysteries" of the Biblical World that will be explored in this multi- part series. The literary and archaeological record of the ancient Near East helps us to further understand some of the enigmas that have confronted us for millennia, as we re-discover aspects of the biblical world; via text, powerpoint presentation and the use of video.

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