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Ancient Egypt: Glory of the Pharaoahs
Perhaps no other civilization has so thoroughly captured the hearts and minds of the western world as that of the Ancient Egyptians. As humankind emerged from it's early "adolescence" on the road to civilized "adulthood", Ancient Egyptian culture and society was there to lead the way.

Archeological Methods and Techniques
The mystery and intrigue of human existence on earth has captured our collective imagination for millennia. As we wonder at the marvel of the human experience, at the same time we ponder the journey that our ancestors took before us. Examine the discipline of archaeology with a focus on the methods developed for the ancient world.

Archeology and the Biblical World
Besides the spiritual message found in the biblical text, the narrative that delves into the history, geography, society and politics of this ancient land sometimes is vague and incomplete. The archaeological research of the past 150 years puts “flesh onto the bones” of the biblical narrative- giving us a better glimpse of the past.

Great Cities of the Mediterranean
Long considered to be the birthplace of western culture, the Mediterranean is home to some of the most exciting ancient and modern societies. Their greatness is reflected in their cities.

Introduction to Art
One is able to trace the history of the human experience through artistic expression- from the earliest days of Prehistory down through the 20th Century. Art, like life itself, need not be defined or understood to be enjoyed. It must simply be experienced.

Introduction to Art History
Art is the aesthetic expression of an idea or experience, formed with human skills through the use of a medium. A medium is any material from which art is made. Any definition of art should be understood to be a concept, rather than a fact. Art can be an object........a certain quality in things......or an experience. Art, like life itself, need not be defined or understood to be enjoyed. It must simply be experienced.

The Ancient World
Study of the origins of Western Civilization from the beginnings of humankind through the early centuries of this era. Understand the nature of the development of humankind from its first steps on earth, as it creates the earliest cultures and societies that form the backbone of modern human life.

The Arab-Israeli Conflict
Myths and facts, perceptions and misperceptions....have shaped our way of thinking about the struggle between two nationalisms that carries into the 21st Century.

The Arab World
Long-heralded as the birthplace of civilization, the rich historical and archaeological heritage of the Middle East gives us the template for the development of civilization and society that carries us into the 21st century. We will explore the development of humankind via the evolution of its patterns of living.

The Jewish World
One of the world’s most interesting cultures and religions embraces the Jewish people. It is their diversity and vibrancy that makes them an integral part of the entire world. The epicenter would be the State of Israel; yet their culture and identity spans the globe.

Western Religious Traditions
Survey the religions that arise from Western tradition and thought – Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Each of these beliefs has sacred texts, dogmas, rituals and symbols that are often starkly different from one another, yet share a common heritage. Explore the bases of these faiths, and gain a new understanding about how humans demonstrate what it means to be religious.

Programming Resources

Archeology and the Biblical World Exhibit
One of the most fascinating aspects of study of the biblical world is the impact that archaeology has had on the field. Bring the excitement of archaeology and biblical research to your organization via an exhibit that can be specially tailored to your location and space requirements.

Hands Across the Campus
One of the greatest impediments standing in the way of success for our next generation is mistrust and misunderstanding of the "others" in our society. This lack of understanding and appreciating cultural diversity and ethnicity can also lead to senseless violence in our schools.

Interfaith Seder Experience
One of the most compelling interfaith experiences that anyone of the Jewish or Christian faith can share is the Passover experience.


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